About Us

Welcome to our family-owned lacrosse apparel company! We understand the passion and dedication it takes to play the game because we're in the game ourselves. With a deep-rooted love for lacrosse, we've built WrapCheck to provide high-quality and stylish apparel that players can proudly wear on and off the field.

But our mission goes beyond just selling lacrosse gear. At WrapCheck, we strongly believe in giving back to the community that has supported us throughout the years. That's why we've implemented revenue-sharing opportunities for teams. By partnering with us, teams have the chance to earn extra funds that can be used to support club scholarships and equipment purchases, ensuring that more individuals have the opportunity to be a part of this incredible sport.

We believe that being a part of the lacrosse community should be accessible to all, regardless of their financial situation. Through our revenue-sharing initiatives, we strive to level the playing field and promote inclusivity in the sport that we hold so dear.

When you choose WrapCheck, you're not just buying lacrosse apparel - you're joining a community of players, families, and supporters who share a common love for the game. Our dedication to producing high-quality products runs parallel to our commitment to giving back, making WrapCheck a brand that truly embodies the spirit of lacrosse.

Thank you for choosing WrapCheck. Together, we're making a difference in the lives of lacrosse players everywhere.